Happy October 1st!

October 1st unofficially kicks off the holiday season around here. The weather has finally cooled down, the leaves are changing,  and it has my mind filled with pumpkins, black cats, and all things festive. Growing up my parents always made holidays and traditions a huge deal. I’m so excited to carry on many of these traditions with my family and start a few new ones of my own. Avery is at the perfect age where she’s learning at lightening speed, so watching her interest in the changing seasons and holidays has my heart bursting at the seams with excitement. I know this holiday season will be the best one yet! This morning I, I mean Avery, could hardly contain her excitement when she woke up to a new Halloween book, pajamas, and her play area fully decorated— but most importantly, “PUN-KINS!”  I feel ya kid;).


I like to keep things pretty fun around here during the holidays, so I’ve included a little Halloween inspo of all things festive I’m currently loving. So kick back, grab that pumpkin spice latte girl, and enjoy! Happy October 1st friends!

halloween items

Buffalo Plaid Blanket//Tassel Garland//Candy Kirby Designs Doll//Cat Pillow//Witch’s Hat(sold-out)//Cat Pajamas//Halloween Party Printable’s//Chalkboard Printable// Cake Stand